Sunday, September 22, 2013

2014 World Percheron Congress

Let's harness the excitement, the 2014 World Percheron Congress is 378 days away!  Your World Percheron Congress Committee is hard at work planning another fantastic event.

We are grateful for all of our sponsors and STABLEmates!  Without each and every one of you we would not be able to put on this celebration of the Percheron horse.  There are still classes available to be sponsored.  If you are interested in sponsoring a class please contact Jane Gray,

Have you picked up your Drive 4 The Cure merchandise yet? In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Five Star Horse Decorations is donating a white Mane Roll, 5 Rosettes and a Tail Bow for each entry in the "Drive 4 The Cure" charity Open Cart Class at the 2014 World Percheron Congress!

We are in search of the next World Percheron Congress America Queen and the World Percheron Congress America Ambassador! Do you know a young lady or gentleman that would be interested in serving as either the Queen or Ambassador of the 2014 World Percheron Congress?
More information can be found on the web site.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Faces, Festivities & Fun

The Telleens from Iowa
Tandem Cart

Julie Westbrook
Ring Steward

Lisa Graham
Hitch Announcer

Deb Yount-Woods
Riding Judge

Logan Mauch
World Percheron Congress Queen
Costume Class

The Spice Girls made an appearance at the WPC!!
Daughter showing Father how to send a picture

Belgian Breeders supported the Congress!!!

Shayne Fili
Halter Announcer

The Giant & the Blogger

The Glue

Costume Class

What a Lady!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday October 30th Performance Classes

The final day of the 2010 World Percheron Congress was a huge success.  Large youth classes started the morning followed by cart and riding competitions in the afternoon.  The evening show started at 5:00pm with Dr. Brad Barrett singing the Australian, French, Canadian and United States anthems superbly.  The Six Horse Hitch finals topped the evening with Trippcrest Farms-Pete Tripp & Jane Gray from Harrison, ME taking home the Supreme Mare Six and Cape Cod Percherons-Ross & Doug Creelman from Bedford, NS, Canada winning the Supreme Gelding Six.  For more results from Saturday October 30th Performance Classes click on this link: Saturday October, 30th Performance Classes

Chad Cole driving for Trippcrest Farms
Supreme Mare Six

TrippCrest Farms
Supreme Mare Six

Fifteen Mare Sixes

Cape Cod Percherons
Supreme Gelding Six
Jason Goodman from the Priefert Texas Thunder hitch stunned the crowd as he roman rode an Eight Up!

All-Star Farms
Winner of the Eight Horse Hitch and Premier Breeder

Tandem Cart Class

English Riding Class

Youth Classes

The 2010 World Percheron Congress featured several Youth Classes for both junior showman ages 10-14 years and senior showman ages 15-18 years.  The turn out for these classes was excellent which guarantees the future of the Percheron breed!  An overall Junior & Senior Showman were crowned.  To be eligible for this award, the youth showman had to compete in Youth Decorating, Youth Showmanship, Youth Cart and Youth Team.  The overall Junior showman was Nicole Rider.  The overall Senior showman was Tess Junkins.  For more Youth Result click on this link  Youth Results
Albert & Karen Cleve, Matt & Katie Winich, Nicole Rider, Tess Junkins, Donnie & Jennifer Blum sponsors of the Champion Youth Showman

Maison Bovard winner of the Youth Cart 10-14 years

Youth Showmanship 10-14 years

Feed Team Races And Farm Team Competition

Feed Team Races
Teams entering the Feed Team Races qualified for the finals with three heats.  The World Champion Feed Team is owned and driven by Greg Kearns from Elizabeth, CO.  For all the feed team results click on this link: Feed Team Results

Champion Feed Team
Greg Kearns

Farm Teams competed in five classes including the Walking Plow, Sulky Plow, Log Skid, Obstacle, Farm Team Vehicle.  Donald Garrett from Douds, IA took top honors with Champion Farm Team.  Gary Kisamore from Churchville, VA goes home with the Reserve Champion Farm Team.

Champion Farm Team
Donald Garrett, Douds, IA

Reserve Champion Farm Team
Gary Kisamore, Churchville, VA

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday October 29th Performance Classes

Another excitement-packed afternoon and evening filled the Richard O. Jacobson Center with spectators on Friday, October 29th. Youth Classes, Carts, Riding Classes, Unicorns, Fours and Sixes kept the exhibitors busy most of the day.  Mark Barie from East Bethany, New York judges all the hitch classes except the sixes.  Eric Geiman from Arcanum, Ohio placed the Mare Six and Gelding Six this evening.  Trippcrest Farms placed first in the Mare Six while Cape Code Percherons won the Gelding Six (for the second night in a row).  For more result click on this link:Friday October 29, 2010 Performance Classes
Barbara J. Watson-Winner of the Ladies Mare Cart

Men's Registered Gelding cart

Ames Percheron-Winner of the Gelding Four

Trippcrest Farms-Winning Mare Six

Trippcrest Farms Winning Pass

Cape Cod Percherons-Winning  Gelding Unicorn
Krista Tibor Driving

Flat Rock Draft Horses
Winning Men's Gelding Cart